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The world and new fuel


Micro algae are by many considered as the most promising next generation biofuel feedstock.  Why algae »

Algasol Renewables is a technology company with a unique technology for low-cost production of micro algae biomass in a closed environment. The technology is a flexible multi-compartment photobioreactor floating on water that can be deployed both on land in ponds or in the ocean. A patent pending in national phase in all relevant PCT countries covers all key aspects of the technology.  More about technology »

As testimony to its success, Algasol Renewables has recently been awarded the 2010 Global Algae Biofuels Green Excellence in Technology Innovation of the Year Award from the international consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.  See press release »

The team behind Algasol Renewables is a firm believer that no single company will be able to deliver an end-to-end solution for cost competitive production of micro algae biomass. Rather, this will be a collective effort amongst different industry participants.

The activities of Algasol Renewables are focused solely on commercializing its unique photobioreactor technology for low-cost production of micro algae biomass. Considering the focused strategy and to maximize speed of the commercialization process, Algasol Renewables pursues an active partnership strategy.  More about strategy »

Algasol Renewables’ objective is to have the world’s largest and most cost-efficient operating micro algae photobioreactor plant.